Our Promise, Our Responsibility

"Where children discover the best in themeselves"

Our Promise, Our Responsibility

• To direct all of our energies to delivering an environment dedicated to your child's needs, talents, abilities and interests.

• To ensure that your child is nurtured in a caring and loving environment.

• To keep your child safe and secure at all times.

• To ensure that your child s needs are met at all times.

• To stimulate your child to broaden their experiences and develop in all areas of intelligence (see Howard Gardner) :

  • Intrapersonal (self-awareness)
  • Interpersonal (social interactions)
  • Visual-spatial
  • Verbal-linguistic
  • Logical-mathematical
  • Bodily-kinesthetic (motion control, object manipulation and coordination)
  • Musical-rhythmic and harmonic
  • Naturalistic (to understand the environment)
  • Existential (to become a moral philosopher)

• To help your child to develop self-confidence and confident expression verbally, spatially and bodily-kinesthetically through active indoor and outdoor pursuits.

• To help your child to develop critical thinking and to apply reason.

• To introduce your child to a broad range of world cultural experiences, especially in music and the performing arts, the visual arts, science and discovery and technology.

• To help your child to understand their importance as part of social groupings as responsible citizens.

• To help you and your child to navigate the school entry process.

• To help your child begin their long journey to becoming well-rounded adults to be able to:

  • Understand their own needs and feelings
  • Interact socially and empathetically
  • Develop lasting friendships
  • Be aware of the needs of others and develop their own moral compass
  • Think critically, solve problems and develop a life-long love of education