"Where children discover the best in themeselves"

About Us


Welcome to Eden's Garden International Preschool, which has a beautiful villa with views of the Bosphorus in Yeniköy and largest garden in İstanbul.

Eden’s Garden International Preschool was founded in 2005 and offers an excellent education for children aged 2 to 6 years old in an environment of love, supervised and educated by experienced teachers.

We have a passion for excellence and innovation in preschool education. At Eden’s Garden International Preschool, we have many years of experience in establishing education and childcare tailored to the individual needs, talents, abilities and interests of each child.

We hold a fundamental belief about the importance of education and its ability to nurture the development of intelligence through a unique curriculum encompassing music, arts, science, technology, literacy, numeracy and physical exploration.

Most importantly, our children develop self-confidence and an understanding of their needs, who they are and how to become compassionate and responsible members of social groups. Our staff are knowledgeable, dedicated and enthusiastic, and provide a warm, loving environment for your child. Eden’s Garden International Pre-school is open five days a week, from 8.30am to 05.00pm.

Our students have been successful in entering appropriate primary schools in the continuance of their life-long learning journeys